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The ice is starting to go along the edges of Great Slave Lake and the Yellowknife river as well as the Cameron river have sections that are ready to roll. Sunday past the Somba k'e paddleing club did the section of the Yellowknife River from Tartan Rapids to the Bridge and got in some paddling and crossed a few ice stretches. I am looking forward to throwing some boats in the water and have mounted the rudder system on my nautiraid and will try it this season. I have two different sail system that I will experiment with on this rig a large PA sail and a large Windpaddle cruiser sail. I will post the results and my preferences. I also have a mast lee board rig but need to make a sail for this. That may happen yet. We are still a little below freezing at night and just above during the day, with the cool wind from the north today I am sure it was probably around -10C.
This is worse than waiting for the pot to boil waiting for the ice can really drag out the spring. Still we have the winter beat and have made it through another long and chilly winter. Summer will rule the days shortly and here the summers are worth the wait. Cheers, Greg

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