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Great Slave lake is showing a little water along the edges. Still a huge ice cube for the most part and the cold weather we are still having isn't helping. There is open river on the Yellowknife and Cameron systems so we can say our season is open. I am hoping to get a boat out later today but if nothing else I will take what is available on the doorstep and paddle along the shore.
Things will be fine as long as we remember to stay up right as the water here is still way to cold for swimming in. The icepans are still four feet thick.
On the bright side we have open water, long days and sun for the most part. We got through the winter and warm weather will happen just wish it would happen faster.
The Paddlers for parts are getting things together for the Annual Sociable Affair which will take place in July. Managed to get one of my road bikes on the road today and have bought the tubes and stuff needed to fix the other one. I ride my old bike around town as if it should get stolen it is very old and I could live with the loss. My touring bike I reserve for real rides away from Yellowknife as it is just to tempting a target for the local bike theives.

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Comment by Greg Loftus ( Cominco) on July 13, 2009 at 9:14am
Unleash the Squirt boat the water is probably as warm as it is going to get.




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