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I arrived virtually in Galway, Ireland in what would be around 10 AM Irish time. My crossing took 7 days 17 hours and fifteen minutes a personal best. My temporary rankinh for the race is 22,433 and my overall standing is 19,238 th out of over 200,000. I was doing a little better but a few tactical errors and I dropped back a few thousand places. We have two weeks rpoughly before Leg 8 starts and I hope to be to busy paddling to play sail racing. Racing on the computer is great fun and I have learned lots amd met some grat people but summer is short and I need to spend it kayaking.
Narwal Adventures started there spring roll clinicon Saturday evening and I attended as an assitant instructor. I had hope to pop the squirt into the pool but we were to busy and time is very short. There is enough water put front between the ice shelf and the shore that I can practice there but it looks very cold. Great Slave lake is mainly a 1 metre thick ice cube still and the little open water between the shore and ice is very clear and cold. I will have to bundle up and suck it up as I looks like it could be this way for awhile yet. Groet, Greg

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