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To-day i was out with the klepper and using the Pacific Action sail, i found i could go up wind at about 45 degrees. I had my lee board raked forward a little and i was sitting pretty still on the lake eating my lunch, the wind increased and the boat started going up wind on it,s own without any input. After sailing round a little the wind changed and i was able to tack down most of the lake to my starting point. One of the masts was pretty close to the deck. Now to see if i can repeat it on a larger lake.

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I took the Klepper out again with the Pacific Action Sail to check on the upwind configuration, and with the lee board racked forward and the sail pulled low, you have to keep wind in the sail, the boat will go upwind at about 45 degrees. The wind was 10 knots, it increased to 20 knots when i was well down the lake the waves were quite large with white tops and breaking over the bow, it was then much harder to sail into wind and i did it by paddling with the sail. A good afternoon on the lake. So my tests tell me upwind with the P A sail can be achived with a "narrow" lee board which can be racked forward and best in not too strong a wind. In the photo the lines to the sail are crossed this happened on the second tack on the third tack they uncrossed themselves.

Had my seaeagle 420 explorer with kayaksailor 1st time out today. Kept yawing didnt have skeg on and tracked down wind somewhat when going up wind. Will attach skeg sit further back point leeboards towards bow next time.All suggestions are welcome. My 3rd time ever to sail. If i had the bucks would like to travel .

Mike, when going up wind, or sailing in a reach, which is when the wind is coming from the side, the wind will push the craft down wind. This is what the lee board are for, there function is to stop the boat being blown in the direction the wind is blowing to. The Kayaksailor is a very good sailing system but the lee board are small and i don,t know your kayak so i can,t guess how far the lee boards go into the water, of course the deeper they go the better they are. David the designer of the Kayaksailor system did a lot of work in determing the length of the lee board and the foil shape, but if you want to have a longer lee board you can make one out of wood or ply, it would have to be 3/4 to 1 inch thick so that it dosn,t vibrate or "flutter" which builds up as you sail. If the wind is quite strong you will have difficulty sailing into it anyway, in those conditions i pull the sail down and paddle into wind. Our lakes are still frozen so it will be another month or so before i can get on the water. If you should make a lee board have the leading edge well rounded and a good slender tailing edge. On the "net" you will be able to find good aqua or aero foil shapes or section that work well.  





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