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Anyone own or ever sail a Triak? I have been googling their website years, but have never tried one as I live in the far northeast. I would love to hear from anyone who has sailed one.

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John Allsop has a triyak and has posted pictures to this site Look him up he is a playak member . Greg
I got one of the older ones, not from San Diego but from Canada. What ya wanna know?
I have been interested in the triak for years but have never run into one in my neck of the world. I love to sail and grew up sailing solo sailboats but have no idea if the triak can "sail with the sailboats," or is it just another sail thrown on a kayak. I currently have sails for four of my kayaks, but I use the sail for mostly downwind sailing or pushing, no real tacking ability. How does the Triak compare to something like a Laser sailboat? Is it a fast or decent sailing boat? How about as a paddling kayak? Is there room for storage/camping gear? I'm looking for a boat I can sail with speed, but also paddle home through a meandering river. Can you land it on a beach and exit without water going over your boots, or with the outriggers, do you have to exit/enter from a dock? Thanks for any help, John.
You should check out LittleWings kayaks they are making a very nice series of carbon fibre boats and have added a sail and outriggers. These boats sail well as the wee building racing multi-hulls before expanding into kayaks. You can find them on Things are fine looking kayaks and I would like to have one but I like all boats and want one of everything. Cheers, Greg
ANDY, i hope some Triak owners pick up on this discussion, i tried it some time ago but no one responded, looks like it might this time as there are now two of us with these boats, i have also got photos on a "fishing forum" as one person there has a Triak but so far no word. The designer of the Triak who lives in British Columbia (i think) told me there shouldn,t be any problems when sailing with the main sail alone which we are advised to become competent with before adding the spinnaker. If you are ever heading into Canada on the northern side of the great lakes area Georgian bay to Thunder Bay i would try and meet you. At the present time i am going through the motions of how to transport the Triak, I have put a roof rack on the jeep wrangler but that,s a high lift, then there is a roof rack on the suzuki wagon which might be ok, or a trailer, which i don,t fancy as it will be about 20 feet long behind the jeep.Soon i hope it will be sorted out.
ANDY on the kayak fishing stuff forum there is comments about quality, i have one of the earlier boats made in Canada and i think the quality is good but i am not able to find any owners of the boats made in the USA to get any opinions of their craft. Perhaps i need to somehow contact a kayaker in SAN DIEGO as that is, i think where they are now made and i would assume there are some in the area. Have you looked at the Triak web site lately, it badly needs up dating with recent dates , old web sites give me the wrong impression.
Thanks for all the information John. I have researched everything I can find on the Triak and I'm now looking at the Hobie Adventure Island kayak/sailboat. They have a every active blog, attentive builder, and group of owners, plus the price is about half! I might be able to afford one for both myself and one for the rest of the family. I will have to try them out this summer... -8ºF here this morning!
ANDY, sounds good the reports on Hobie as you know are good, one of the problems with Triak is the lack of a members forum. I have contacted a kayak owner in the San Diego area but he has never seen a Triak. He is on the Folbot forum. This morning i looked out at the clear blue sky, the wild animal tracks in the garden, probably fox, and it was minus 31c, but summer will come, just before the next freez up. At times New Zeland looks very tempting unfortuatly it,s too late unless i had a few million dollars.
TRIAKS, if anyone is considering a Triak the price for 2009 is $5500 US which includes a spinnaker and paddle, the boat comes with a main sail and a compass, the colors are, Tigershark blue,Safety yellow,and Viper red. Also the company is considering starting a forum where owners and anyone interested can communicate and advise each other. Mine is ready to sail but the lakes are still ice bound.
John get out there and chop a channel,it is a great work our Greg
Three rows of explosives right down the lake , would that pass as ice fishing, then a big immersion heater to keep things warm, global warming seems to be passing us by. Yesterday i checked the weather network, and if they are can be belived you were warmer than here.I can,t see a Triak forum working, the few people i have found with Triaks don,t seem to communicate much, the total was three and two never bothered to reply.
I have heard from Triak that their forum will probably appear later in 2009 when their new boats are available, but as there appear to be very few present owners around who make any comments about the craft or their there exploits in them i wonder if it will get anywhere. A one boat forum don,t seem very popular, Klepper America are trying a Klepper forum but there are not many people commenting on it.Of course there is which is popular and covers all folders.





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